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Test results

Did you know that you can access much of your medical record, including any test results, through the  NHS App

Alternatively, if you wish to telephone us for any of your test results (e.g. Blood, Urine, or X-Rays), we ask that you do this between 2 and 6 pm since our telephones are generally very busy in the early morning. This will not only make it easier for you to get through but will also allow time for the doctor to see the daily post and comment on any action required.

You can also use our online form to request your test results.

Most results take at least 3-7 working days to be returned to us but some can take many weeks so please be patient with us.

Please be aware that the reception staff are not trained to interpret the results, so please do not ask them to as this may cause confusion or unnecessary worry.

The ‘duty’ GP will have reviewed the results and make a comment based on the clinical context such as ‘normal’, ‘satisfactory’, or ‘abnormal’ and request that a follow-up is made in a clinically appropriate and timely manner e.g. same day or within a week or even routinely (which means there is no clinical urgency).

Sometimes, no action may be needed, e.g. if they are part of your long-term care reviews (and a suitable follow-up will already be pending) or a plan can sometimes be conveyed simplest via text e.g. please collect a script. When follow-up is required, we will try to book a suitable follow-up with the clinician that requested it (as continuity of care is important, although this may not always be possible).

Rest assured that every result is seen and actioned by a GP within a single working day of its arrival with us. If it needs any urgent attention, someone will get in touch with you, so please ensure that we always have up-to-date contact details for you.

If you do not hear anything or would like clarification about the comment/ results, please book any follow-up as agreed with the requesting clinician and a plan of action about the next steps can be made.

To ensure confidentiality, we only release results to the patient, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing.

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 27th July, 2023